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Can anyone mention some of major traffic sources


Hello everyone I’ve been working on fiver for last 3 months.The first month was pretty good I got few projects and it shopped me up to Level One seller.Now for last 2 mounts the things are pretty much slowed down.I am noticing clicks on my gigs but those are not working out.I have also a twitter account to promote my business which is also not that helpful.I am sending offers regularly.
Is someone here to share some solid ideas.Please help me. :confused:


Create more gigs in different categories as well. There are thousands of logo designers so it may take some time to get some orders. Try photoshopping gigs, and other things related to design but not just logos.


I-95 is a major corridor of traffic here on the east coast of us.

You could put billboards up there.

Oh, on the internet. Fiverr does a pretty good job with that for you. Inside, the more gigs in different categories, more views.