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Can anyone need typing service?

hello everyone guys

can anyone need typing service? then I am here to help you. feel free to contact me.
I am just looking for an opportunity. I am too much hungry to do work.

Just a suggestion. Your prices don’t really add up, I am better off paying you 2 times for basic pack and that way I get 30 pages for 10$. Instead of your premium that offers 30 pages for 20 dollars. Hope you understood me.


@jovicdesigns :roll_eyes:

Your pricing structure is very odd and not realistic.

I can hire you for 12 hours for $20, or 6 hours for $5?

Okay, I will buy two 6 hour gigs for $10 instead of one 12 hour gig for $20.

If I buy two 6 hour gigs it means you will be working for $0.83 an hour before Fiverr takes a commission. Or $0.67 an hour after commission and that is still before any currency transfer fees and local tax.

Let’s take off another 5% in transfer fees. You then earn $0.64 an hour.

And that’s still before you’ve paid any local tax.

Can you see your gigs make no realistic sense?

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thanks brother. its help me a lot.

thank you so much sir for your valuable explanation. :slightly_smiling_face: