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Can anyone notice fiverr gigs dropping?

Since the begining of this month, I had seen a lot of leveled accounts and gigs with levels dropped to the last page.

What is really wrong? What is the new trend here on fiverr?


It’s the algorithm. No one knew what it was then, no one knows what it is now. What category are you observing this in?


It’s happening in all the categories unfortunately.


I have not noticed that on my niche! contact fiverr support and ask about your related niche and see what they say… :slight_smile:

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Yes i see that too, Seems Fiverr is making changes in algo

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i also face this problem.

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I had been noticing this in the marketing category.
New sellers now dominate the first page and all top leveled with good reviews are at the back a few are on the first page

Perhaps Fiverr believes that established sellers should know how to find and connect to their target customers, and don’t need to rely on 1st-page placement for all of their orders. :wink:


Huh… I wonder if this is an attempt to get buyers to use the search filters more. Properly narrow their results, to better handle the larger seller base.

I’ve no answer for you, just guesses based on observation and marketing practices.

Edit: Yeah, that might be it, too. See if the sellers with longevity and/or ‘rank’ are still pulling in new buyers, or just riding a wave.

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Well said but do you mean, there is tendency for you to get order even if you gig is in the 25 page and sending offer with no conversion then looking for a targeted customers?

So tell me how will I know my targeted customers here on fiverr , how?

You can earn as many orders are you are willing to go out and find. Where your gig shows up in the search results doesn’t – and shouldn’t matter. Your customers should not be found only in the search results or the buyers request category. Go out into the world. Find the people who need what you have to offer, and show them why they should hire you.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the number one reason why so many new sellers fail here on Fiverr is because they expect Fiverr to give them all their orders. And when this doesn’t happen – because it isn’t Fiverr’s job to guarantee orders to anyone – those sellers leave Fiverr to try making money via other ventures.

YOU are responsible for your own success. If your reliance on the search results and BR isn’t resulting in the kind of sales you want, then go out and find the customers who will provide the kind of sales you are looking for. Be proactive. Don’t expect Fiverr to provide your sales and success. Fiverr’s brand tagline is, “In Doers We Trust”. Be a doer. Go do what you need to do to become successful.


I hope I will learn a better way of attracting customers.
My gig has dropped to the last page of my niche.
It’s exactly same from more than a month.

If you do some market research, and better understand your target customers, then yes, you are likely to learn “a better way of attracting customers”.

Just a small question though? If I were to go out in the world to get buyers to purchase my services or gigs, why would I need Fiverr as a platform? The very idea of joining a freelancing site like Fiverr is to get secure business from it. That is the reason we are shelling out 20% of our profits, right?

If your services are hosted here, you need to go out and find your customers to bring here. If your services are hosted on your own website/server, your need to go out, find your customers and bring them there. The difference is, you do all the hosting/website on your own website, and do everything from scratch, or, you make use of Fiverr easy-to-set-up services here. Fiverr is just a hosting platform… a place where you can host your services at low cost, and not have to set up your own website.

Fiverr does not guarantee any sales, to anyone, just because they have services hosted here on Fiverr. It is unwise to expect them to do your marketing and promotion.

Fiverr is just one source of customers, and certainly not the only one.

No, the 20% cut that Fiverr keeps is not for marketing and promotion. It is the profit-sharing model you accept when you choose to host your freelance services here on Fiverr. You’re sharing part of your profits in order to use their platform. You’re still the business person offering your services, and any business person still needs to maintain and promote their business.


Valid points, got it. Thank you for explaining it so clearly.

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Yes same happens with me and other numerous sellers on fiverr, experienced one facing hard times here. I’m on Level Two and haven’t got orders or getting buyer requests of my category from last 30 days.