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Can anyone Please Help me improve my gig

I have made a gig for logos a while back
can anyone tell me if there are any flaws?
Thank you


In your gig you should show best logo you have done till now with good presentation for that you can see other seller presentation how they present their gig. Not copy them but can take some ideas to improve your gig.


I will try my best :grinning:


Hi @anvith_619

I think you need to put a much better logo sample?
Right now…, your portfolios is below competition.
For example: Three Star??? That is very common :frowning:
Global Tech?? Just a web symbol?

With your current portfolio…, i hardly imagine how you will convince buyer to make an order from you

Wish you luck,


I will try my best
Thank you

I have just updated my pictures
tell me what you think?
Thank you

I did it using photoshhop and all of them are mockups I made
It took me 2 days
Let me know what you think

Lot of improve than previous portfolio.
Still…, your design sense is not there yet…,
Just try to see how expert logo designer show their works.

Wish you luck,

can you make sample logo for me … use my name Angel jasmin

and see how good ur with work


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I will try my best

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Please wait for some time

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I have never seen a nicer request to get a logo for free here. @angel_jasmin_5a

This is what you can get for free.



You can not create logos in Photoshop. Photoshop is not for logos. Logos have to be vector.

You can sketch the logo in Photoshop and you must explain to your buyer that if they want to use your logo they have to pay someone to recreate your logo in vector (Adobe Illustrator).
The file you send them is just a mockup of the logo, not an actual logo.

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I love it. the description the package. however, I think you can do better on the title. it’s a bit confusing (for me though) . Fiverr system had correct it though create-a-logo-which-is-professional-and-appealing.

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Yes I do understand
I am using illustrator for creating logos
I know that the image quality reduces when its pixelated when we increase or decrease size
I am making logo in illustrator right now
Let me know what you think

Thanks for the advice muztre
I am trying to use low competitive words
If you have any keywords suitable let me know
Thank you

I hope you are satisfied

I made using adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop
The text is done using photoshop as I did not have any suitable fonts in illustrator

It is a complete vector file