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Can anyone please help me

Dear everyone,

My name is Amitha, a level two seller and I am an active member in fiverr for morethan four months. It was very nice place to work with and I was working realy happIy. I created CVs and powerpoint presentations and could maintain 99% overall rating. I earnd morthan $30 a day and also I could managed to pay my third semester university fee not asking money from my mom and I was so proud about it.

But unfortunately I am having a trouble since day before yesterday. I didnt see new messages in my inbox as usual and there was not any new orders as well. So I searched my gigs on the wall, but I couldn’t find them, atleast on the bottom. So I asked my friends to check whether they can see my gigs in the search but unfortunately they also couldn’t see them. So if anyone cant find my gigs thers no way to get new orders as I know. I was waiting another day with so many hopes and nothing was changed. I checked my sales analysis and ther was no new page viewers.

Even now I am waiting hopefully until something good happens.I never have been rude to any buyers I talked to them nicely all the times, I even used to refund all the times if they doesn’t satisfied about my outcome. And also I havent copied others contains in my descriptions. So I have no idea why did this happen. Can anyone please help me??

Thank you.



Look at your competition. Find 3 competing gigs that are similar to yours. Do they have orders in their queue? Have they had recent deliveries you can see this on there profile page for all there gigs total. I don’t know your market, but if you are trying to make business power point presentations, you may want to change your thumbnail to a more business shot. The Santa Christmas theme may more relate to a personal project? If you pick 1 of your gigs and send the gig comparison links, I can look at them. first step is comparing your gig to several that are working and provide a better offer. “A Better Mouse Trap”. Best route to success on Fiverr, I believe.

Hi there,

Thanks for your reply. I used that theam after this happened. I thought it would helps to catch eyes in the first sight.

Yes, I checked others profiles too. They have orders and also i can see them on the wall. But i searched my gig everywhere and I couldnt find it. Atleast its not there on the bottom. Three days ago my gig was on the first page. If you noticed I have good ratings for my active gigs.

Couldn’t it be my gigs been blocked by system??

Thank you