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Can anyone please rate my project as I am scared my client won't like it

So got a $30 order and I have to deliver his work so I made 2 versions but I need to choose one and I feel this is better.

Can you guys please rate it before I submit to him? Thanks!

In the logo animation ( which I am not good at, the sound represent’s the heartbeat )

The logo is my clients sketch.
basically I have sent him ai source files, social media banners and profile pictures for lindkdin,facebook, tik tok and instagram.

He loves the logo but his collogues don’t because they feel it is simple and want it like thisScreenshot (437)
I dont mind doing it but I feel it looks too complex and not that good so I suggested him and he loved my suggestion and stuck with a minimal design.
so I gave him a minimal concept like this regn sport main

and a pdf of thr design ( the link I sent )

Mod Note: Outgoing link removed. Can anyone please rate my project as I am scared my client won’t like it


Any tips to improve?

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Without knowing who the business are, who their clients are, what the message needs to be… these are just graphics.

After a while feeling odd about the pattern I realized it is headless running person. Why headless? Is this brand for Zombies (or probably Hipsters)?



Its for a sports company called regen sports
The top part is a s and the bottom is a r.

He likes the logo and my work a lot but his colleagues think its simple, I personally specialize in simple minimalist logo design’s so I made a few revisions and a pdf to show to his colleagues so that they can get a better first impression.

The logo is a running man but I removed the head because its too complex. I have quite a bit of experience in logo design and a tip in designing a great logo is to keep it simple so one must take a break once they have finished a logo an then come back and see if you can remove anything and if you cant and it looks good then you have made a perfect logo, so I removed many elements to make a simple logo which one can remember just like the nike logo or the apple logo which you can remember just by looking at it.

This is my opinion :smile:


To be very honest, I really like it. It immediately gives me the feeling that is a running man / a company that has to do with sports. And I cannot think any circumstances for a sports company in which a minimalistic logo would not work.

I think you have done a great job :slight_smile: if I was your client I would be very happy with the outcome


The concept is great! When I first saw it I just knew it was a running man but the shapes does not really tell one what they stand for. I personally didn’t not understand that was an ‘S’ and ‘R’ not until you stated so.

Great job once again!


Thanks a lot anderacerio

I feel it too looks Good too but idk if his colleagues like simple logos and I am quite nervous

I mean I had abstract design style but I felt no one would understand so I went for a cliche style which you can see in sports.

Let me know if you would do something different than what I sent :).

Thanks agian

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I think you are right. It’s pretty hard to understand the logo initials at first, I tried to combine abstract and minimalism together. I spent quite some time in the pdf. Thanks for your opinion tough

Very creative idea shows here. Great to see this.

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Great! That is good idea shows here.

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Thanks a lot!
Why are there cakes next to names, is it a update :smile:

Thanks a lot smart pixels. Would you like to change anything or do anything different than what I did or keep it the same?

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It looks pretty good. But your client’s “team” will probably think that “s” looks like “z” and ask to bring the head back.


Well my client loves the deisgn he will show to his clients now :slight_smile:
Wish me luck!
I mean colleagues

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I have just seen your account and your logos look amazing!
How much time do you spend in each concept?

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It’s a great logo. I would take it if I ran those sports business :grinning: :+1:

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Really appreciate your opinion valon_art

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Thank you.

I created this gig for myself to have fun. So I only take projects that are a 100% match stylistically and conceptually. The most time-consuming part of this gig is to interview and vet the buyers, honestly. The rest of it is just fun.

I thought I’d be getting 2 sales a year from it but I’ve already got 4 in total and the year isn’t over yet. It’s going better than I’ve anticipated.


Well that’s great!

I wish you the best of luck. I feel you should charge a bit more as it would take atleast 7-8 hours for me to create a concept like yours.

$280 is a good price is what I think or else you can charge a $100 and get some amazing reviews by adding value over cost. That is what I am doing right now. Once I get trust I plan to increase my cost :slight_smile:

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It’s not 7-8 hours and based on time/effort/overall experience $125 is a perfect price. It’s not my main gig and I specifically look to attract quality customers as opposed to gathering reviews. If I was looking to make this my main gig, I’d approach the process differently.