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Can anyone please review my gig and tell me if everything is okay. Thanks

I join fiver since 2017 but I recently created a gig. I’m an experienced short video ads creator and I’m good in other aspects with many years practical experience. I have since not gotten any order but I still hope my first order will land anytime soon. However can any look at my gig and advice if everything is okay. Thanks a lot


Hi shefghali , if you add a video on a gig instead of an image it will be more suitable as your gig is for video creation. With a video, you will have two slots for an image. You can add a screenshot of your best works or some infographics.


oh okay. thanks a lot but I added a video and it has since been “video processing”

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Did Fiverr tell you how long it would take to process the video? Might be worth contacting customer support.

Okay thanks very much for your support