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Can Anyone Please Tell Me How to change FIVERR Forum Profile Picture!

I want to change my FIVERR forum profile picture,
I already changed my main FIVERR account profile picture.
And there is no change in FIVERR forum profile.
I also cleared my cache and logged out once if it works or not.
But it remains the same.
What’s the problem actually.
I can’t figure it out :roll_eyes:


Try logging out and then back in again …

I already did it once btw.

Clear cache and reload page …

I already mentioned it :roll_eyes:
btw let me check another time.

@coerdelion it now worked to me after doing all of this 4-5 times.
Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

It’s a cache problem. I reinstalled windows, because of something else, and I noticed that after the reinstall, the picture finally updated. Maybe using another browser will fix the problem too.