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Can anyone recommend a good screen capture program?


I take a screenshot almost every day on fiverr. I’ve been using the Windows Sniping Tool to do this but would like to have an easy way to add arrows or other symbols sometimes.


Just press the PrintScreen Button on your keyboard and paste your screen shot in paint and you’re done


I use print screen button on keyboard and then paste it in paint to add arrows and stuff. It’s quick and simple. If you need full page screenshot I would recommend you this one:


I’ve never used paint. I was trying just now to make arrows and they are all outlines of arrows, and I have a hard time controlling exactly where the point of the arrow ends up once I enlarge the arrow. I was hoping to find a program that I can drag and drop an arrow onto an image.


I use SnagIt from Techsmith (the same who made Camtasia). Snag it has out of the box drag & drop annotation features (after you take a screenshot, it opens up the annotation editor):

It also hooks up to the PrtScr key on the keyboard, has profiles to achieve anything you like (save to file, to clipboard, share online, all at once, etc.)


Try paint its easy to take screenshots


Thank you woofy, I was hoping you would answer. :slight_smile:


You’re most welcome!

I take tenths or hundreds of screenshots a day, and this is the only tool that saved my time (and life at times :sweat_smile:) for the last 8 years. And it appears to be a software that has 28 years of experience, so yeah, I think that speaks for itself :grin:


I see I can buy a backup disc for it for an additional $8. I was thinking of getting a new computer. Any idea if I can have an additional copy of this on my old and new computers? Or would I have to buy another copy? Nvmind, I see it can be installed on two machines. :slight_smile:


Do you use the paid or free version? I do not think I would use it enough to warrant the paid price. :thinking:. Do you have experience with the free version?


Paid, duh - I’ve been using it for the last 8 years (the free version is like 15 or 30 days trial) - it was worth the investment in my case, and the upgrade price is like half the original price (not to mention they have an annual maintenance upgrade that is half of the half the original price :smiley: ). Heck, you don’t even need to upgrade, you can use a single version for years, which would definitely make the price more attractive :wink:

My first style of reports from 8 years ago relied heavily on Snagit, and although I haven’t been using it as intensive as in those early days, I’ve remained a loyal user and still use it on a daily basis :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info Woofy. :smiley: