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Can anyone say how to change buyer to seller account in fiverr app

Yesterday my fiverr app changed from seller to buyer without changing. How can i change to seller account


Having the same problem. Following

:thinking: not sure how could you missed it but it’s right here you just need to move slider


But in the new updated version we can’t switch from buyer to seller

I have an updated version of the app and it’s still there :woman_shrugging:


On smartphone or computer?

If on the computer, next to your profile picture in the left-hand top corner, to the right of the picture, its says: Switch to Buying

First open the apps and click on the people icon below then select seller mode if there is buying mode.

It is on smart phone

Go to the (man icon) at the bottom right on the page. When you select this you will see your photo, name, My Fiverr etc. But above My Fiverr, you will see (Seller mode) click on this.

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For PC version: At exect left side of your profile there is an option “SWITCH TO BUYEING” Click on that if you want go back to selling account same process just click on “SWITCH TO SELLING”

It’s my updated fiverr version but seller mode option is not there.

Look, maybe it’s easier that you send us a screenshot?
As I said I also have updated version of an app, which was updated in 13 Feb. And I attached a screenshot for you that it’s still there