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Can anyone see my photo? [RESOLVED]


I saw most people in the forum, their profile pictures can be seen in a glance. While mine, as far as I can see it, only a big letter A. No, I´m not asking you to click on my profile, there´s nothing there yet to see. I don´t have a gig yet. I have a profile picture, but like I mentioned before, my photo does not appear in the forum. Not that it´s a big deal, but does anyone know why?


You should see your Dp soon, If not now but maybe after some days or weeks.





@djgodknows, I think mine is not blurry. But if after one week my photo still does not appear in the forum, I will upload another one with a higher resolution. Thanks.


@jelsinardaooo, i hope so :slight_smile:


Hi, Did you check in your dashboard to-do list? Is it any notification in your to-do list to complete your profile if re-upload your picture it will solve the problem.


@designer_pro2, I will check it, thanks. I just signed up yesterday, so still figuring out a lof of things.


Complete your profile everything will be smooth, and welcome here.:slight_smile:


Thank yooouuuuuuuuu :slight_smile:


The forum profile image is extracted from the main platform.

Did you log out completely and log back in?


I can see my photo now. Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: