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Can anyone share best tool to use in freelancing?

Hi Everyone

First of all i heartly say many thanks for taking a look at my this post. I want to share some more information to everyone by opening this topic in fiverr forum. Can anyone share some information of tools that we can use to improve customer support matters ? Like which tools are best to make speedy on your daily fiverr orders.

I like to know more about tools that is completely open source & trusted to use for fiverr business. If anyone know any this type topic please can you share it ?

Hope this helps many user in future ?

Respectful Kind Regards
M D Chavda

I would say the best tool to use for freelancing is a computer.

Another important tool is to have perfect written English.


Yes everyone have it in days … :smile: What you suggest on something else ?

Knowing how to type fast is a good tool to have.

The best tools are talent, experience, intelligence, work ethic, good writing skills.


Tools like and all … Online services tools / software and all … what you are using in days ?

In days I’m using Excel for client & order management, Word & Markdown for document creation, and I was planning on using but apparently it’s too buggy. I’m also using Qt Creator for programming, and Sketchbook, Photoshop & Illustrator for drawing & painting. Unfortunately most of these are not open-source, but sometimes you need more than open-source to do pro stuff :wink:

In nights I’m using Youtube to watch fun stuff and relax, or VLC to watch & learn the courses I’ve purchased.

If you’re asking what I’m using nowadays, it’s all the above :slight_smile:

To answer the original question, every Fiverr user has a different workflow based on their jobs, and thus a wide range of tools, some open-source, some free, others paid. Some users might tell you what they use, most will probably not :slight_smile:

You have the world’s widest web at your disposal, with Google as your search friend, why not research yourself what works for your needs?


Here’s a list of tools for a WordPress consultant


The best tool you can use in freelancing is yourself, and your understanding of your buyer’s needs.

If you don’t listen or don’t understand what they need, then your clients are never going to be happy.

You can have all the flashy software in the world, but if you can’t listen and respond appropriately to what others are saying, none of it will help you. :slightly_smiling_face:


I love QuickBooks for keeping track of business-related financials. Integrates with turbo tax and is really well designed. I got it free for a year since I use Turbo Tax. And co does similiar things, and it is free, so that is okay too.

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