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Can anyone share with me your first experience in completing an offers


I am just curious because i am new here…thanks for your attention


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it was some days ago which total my 24th day on fiverr.

I had enough of advertising myself because no one ordered anything from me. so I posted a post saying something like “who wants to be my first buyer”, after some hours someone contacted me and wanted me to draw their daughter because she saw that I drew that harry potter characters and her daughter was a fan, so they wanted me to create a harry potter themed drawing, so my gig asks for $5 per person i draw but i told her I can give you one person to draw for free (as she was my first client) and drew her daughter with a HP character and they accepted. I completed my order within some hours, pretty fast, the out come of the drawing and the feedback was amazing! it was very rewarding! the next day I find I have another order from another person, how awesome is that!


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Hi there,

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Its really great experience, after few days when the day i created fiverr acount, i got order for the computer shop logo making, i did it very quickly and did my best, buyer satisfied very well and left amazing feedback for the very first time.


My first sale happened only a couple of days after creating my gig. That gig has been alive for 12 days, and has only the one sale so far. I did not receive feedback from the buyer, but other than that it went smoothly. Still waiting for clearance on the funds. Now I’m just working to get the rest of those sales rolling in.

I think getting feedback on those first sales is important. I’ve read about several sellers who politely ask for feedback in a customer-service oriented manner when they make the delivery.