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Can anyone suggest me? Not getting order for long time


I am doing my best to get sell, almost everyday I am updating my GIG but no order . Positive thing is I can see buyer request now.
What can I do to get more Impression and view?
What can I do to get sell ?


Updating a gig every day is not a good idea.
Work for increasing the impression size and click views.


Thanks a lot for your brilliant suggestion …


And how do you define “your best”? What have you been doing to earn your sales?

Why are you repeatedly updating your gig? Does your gig information actually change that fast, and need constant updates? Repeated updates just for the sake of posting an update are not going to bring you sales. If you want sales, you need to connect to your target customers – that that requires work you haven’t been doing.

You cannot control impressions. If you want your gig to show up in search results, use better keywords that define your service. If you want more views, create a more eye-catching image, and a more useful service.

I already answered this question. If you “want more sell”, then reach out and connect to your target customers. Sales do not appear by magic. You are going to have to earn them by employing smart, creative marketing and promotion tactics that capture the attention of the people you are trying to sell to.


Thank you so much for your specific and to the point answer and suggestions … all the best