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Can anyone tell about the "Tests Taken" in Fiverr profile

I have recently noticed something on Fiverr, that is Tests Taken. I have no idea about that and how would that be helpful to me. I am new to Fiverr and really want to work with full dedication.

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it is the feature that fiverr has to qualify the user about something.
that feature has a lot of tests on it. like, if you have some basic or maybe expert on English Language then you’ll be moved to test window, the English test. after you have answer several question you’ll be given the report of your test result. Is it like verifying that what you write in description is valid or not.

sorry my english is not really good. i hope this is answering your question.

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Thanks a lot for your reply.
I don’t know, should I take the test or not. I still need to know if the tests would help me in getting works.

It’s not essential If you want to take the test So, go If you completed your buyer would trust more instead of newbie! I recommend to you go for ExpertRating and preparation there then come here take the test. If you have hard skill then you don’t need to prepare yourself with stuff direct go for test.

Test is making Impression on buyer. Never go for test direct before gather some knowledge.

Cheer You!


I see you haven’t taken any test yourself here on Fiverr and I wonder why :roll_eyes: but still, you keep advising people, over and over again in every thread you see about taking the tests, to go to ExpertRating website - which is Fiverr’s test’s provider - and take their online courses before submitting to any test.

You should at least let people know, that those ExpertRating online courses are NOT FOR FREE, they are PAID online courses.


Since fiverr is offering you tests, that would definitely boost your ranking.

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It’s basically proof for anyone looking at your profile that you can actually deliver what you offer. If you think you’re good at what you’re doing, you should be confident to prove that.
If you don’t like the result of the test (because it wasn’t as good as you expected) then you can hide the result from your profile or retake the test once in a certain period of time.
I finished a couple of tests and felt some of my clients seemed a bit more trusting of my services afterwards so It can’t hurt to do the tests.

Also, the test results appear to expire after some time, so you will have to retake them eventually.

I’ve only taken these tests out of curiosity or to check my own skills. I never intended to take these to increase sales, because I know they won’t.