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Can anyone tell me how many day's waiting get order on fiver

I send buyer request everyday but can’t respond anyone. What is my fault? Please suggest me?


No one can tell you how long it would take to get an order…I saw your on fiverr since 2017 and its pretty long time…and you just have 3 reviews.
Both of your gigs are most common service on fiverr, may be try adding some unique services with same skill, add your portfolio work zip with all of your proposals ?
I dont know what mistake you are making in writing proposal but may be this can help.


Thanks dear for your important suggestions. When I started work with Fiverr after some days I lost my computer that is the reason I absent on Fiverr. Some days ago I got a computer again and I start working with Fiverr.

It can take a while to lift off the ground. You just have to be patient, and slowly things build. Keep working hard and everything’ll pick up.

As your post is related to Buyer Requests.

This should help you: How To Get More Orders From Buyer Requests! .... Simple Tip!

  • Improve your profile.
  • Improve your gigs.
  • Send buyer requests daily.
  • Don’t fill your offer with what services you are providing.
  • Be specific only to the buyer’s request while writing your offer.
  • Precisely write your offer in smaller words to exact requirements, budget, and ETA.

Last but not least

  • Wait for good things happen in your life. When you work hard for them, they are sure to come your way.
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