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Can anyone tell me how to do effective bid please?

Hey Friends,
Help me for this ,how can i convince a buyer? . Sometimes I’m totally able to do project but no one does accept my offer.Seriously I’m worried about this that how to catch a order. Anyone up please …?

There already exist many threads on the same topic. Just search it on Fiverr Forum and you will find many tips.

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I’m not surprised your bids aren’t being accepted because you clearly don’t take initiative in your business. If you did you wouldn’t be asking the same question literally hundreds of people have asked in this forum. Take initiative and research. Do the work instead of asking us to do it for you.

I have a feeling you’re just posting generic pitches to these bids instead of tailoring them to the client.

You need to research how sales, supply and demand works.


okay thanku so much.