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Can anyone tell me how to protect yourself?

What is the best way to protect yourself from fraud when freelancing?


A .357 magnum. :boom:

Just joking!

By being very clear on one’s gig and order requirements on what exactly one offers and the information needed to deliver exactly that. Also, by using one’s brain and gut instincts to sniff out potential bad buyers and block communication with them before an order is even placed.

Even with all these things, fraudulent buyers can (and very likely will) get through and place an order. Then, it’s up to you to thoroughly and properly communicate your case to Customer Service and hope they are able to assist you in the end.

And even with all these measures, fraudulent buyers can STILL harm you if they perform a chargeback on the order. Then the only option is up to Fiverr staff to hopefully partially or fully compensate the order for you.

-Ah, forgot to mention price. Certain prices attract certain types of buyers, and in some specific cases, more fraudulent buyers.

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Funny as I was about to say: guns, lots of guns. I will make it seem as though I was joking too :wink:

Knowledge is the first step. Know what you do and what you do not do. Know how important is it to act on that. Be able to say no and walk away from what might look like money on the table but really be @enunciator hiding one of his guns until you reach for :moneybag: and :boom:

Then as mentioned by someone who is not me, make clear what is in your Gig and what is not. A good FAQ (with the knowledge that most won’t read it) and a firm Requirements Form (in which people will swear they read that FAQ).



Be vigilant! Check the buyer’s ratings and profile. Even with a new buyer, someone who isn’t shady will have clear answers to all of your questions. So be sure to ask a lot of questions, especially why they want what they want. If they can’t answer that with conviction it’s a red flag.

It’s also better to have a clear notice on your gig that the buyer should request a quote or message you first before buying. That way you can find out if their need is right for your skill. Very rarely do they bypass this and buy directly without saying anything.