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Can anyone tell me what buyer request is?

Could anyone just tell me what buyer request is? And how it can help my fiver account? And from where to view buyer request.


In your dashboard there are a more option. When you click more option then you see buyer request click it.its mean all buyer are send their word with detai. And you are able to send only 10 request on day.

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the buyer request, you can use it to send 10 offers for the more clients every day, and you will get more orders from it

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Hello @farzeen_shareef ,
I recommend you to read this article,
I think you will be cleared.
HAVE A GOOD DAY!!! :blush:

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Why not look it up?

We know how it works because we looked it up. You can do the same. He forum isn’t here to hand you information you can easily find with a basic Google search. No one wants to see questions asked that you can easily answer if you take initiative.

People leave the forum because it’s full of lazy questions.

You won’t succeed on Fiverr if you can’t be bothered to look up how things work.

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Thank you so much sir

Thank you so much sir. Great information

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Ok thanks for your information

Thank you sir. Just read it