Can anyone tell me why i am not getting orders on my gig


plz help me i am on fiverr for long but haven’t received any order yet will u guys look at my profile and also at my gig and tell me what is the problem…thank you


You are not using your own work on your gigs.

that is one of your gig image and you have stolen this from a top rated seller best selling gig. I know that seller for many years and he is doing really well with his own work.

Any one easily identify that is not your images as it has the original seller name on it

Bestdesign4you is there on the banner.

Please do not use stolen images and dont try to earn fast money with out your hard work. please work hard and be true and trust worthy to the buyers.


Hi please check this one gig


nothing to say about stealing another fiverr’s work eh?


What do you mean, i didn’t stole anyone’s work.please explain if i am doing something off the rules so that i can avoid…



is it yours?

it is not yours, i can prove and i know the original seller and he is a top rated seller. Please do not steal others work and dont keep posting like i am not getting orders. if you have genuine work of your own images then many buyers will look unique work and order.

As so many sellers are using stolen images and using for their gigs. because of this many buyers confusing to choose sellers as most of the sellers has same gig images. so buyers are afraid of ordering with fake sellers.

Please work hard and your your own images for gigs and profile please.



Inform the original seller so he can take the steps necessary to get @designsolutionz penalized and (hopefully) removed from Fiverr.



you are super Genius you have deleted that gig. But fiverr has all data what you have created and deleted gigs. so if some one complains they may take action


People like you are shame for the graphic designing Industry at least before making gig put some effort to create your own images if you want to sell them on fiverr.