Can anyone tell me why post request is getting refused


Hi im interested in getting 2 videos Made 1 product promotion 2 product installation video we produce the highest quality sliding barn door hardware in the UK


You might want to try to post a buyer request. That way you’ll get plenty of offers form sellers and you’ll be able to check out their portfolio and reviews and choose the right seller for you.

On the Fiverr Main use the menu at the top where it says Buying then choose post Post a Request.


If you can’t post a buyer’s request, simply search for what you are looking for using the Fiverr search bar.

See here:


I also posted a request, and it was “unapproved”, and I simply cannot figure out why, and there are no explanation whatsoever.

This is the request I posted and got rejected.

Project : 3D model of a simple plastic item. 3D model made in Solidworks or autocad. I need a file in a format that can be used in some Solidworks viewer (Please suggest some freeware viewer, if such exsists), so I can make some relevant screenshots myself. If the 3D model can have visible dimensions, that would be great, but if not, I also need a 3D drawing in Autocad format. More details in attached PDF. Best regards Adrian Hjelmslund
Delivery Time - 3 days Budget - $25


Fiverr is trying their best at eliminating irrelevant offers or offers that are not legitimate.

I suggest updating your request to 1-2 sentences and add all the bolts and screws into a PDF.


Hi There

thats what ive done and that is the request as written
but keeps getting refuced by fiverr



Hey Terry,

I wish I had an answer for you :sweat: I don’t know why your request is being denied. Have you tried reaching out directly to sellers on the video/marketing department?


yeah just thought this would open options and be quicker please feel free
to quote for it
your self if this is your area of expertise



Thanks, I’ll try shortend it and see if it helps.
Thanks for the tip