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Can anyone tell me why this order was cancelled


I deliverd the work he marked it complete and gave 5 star rating


Unfortunately, no we cannot. You will have to contact Customer Support for that level of insight.


I do contacted but they say it is out of our hands the buyer opened a dispute via PayPal fiver is so ridiculously insecure platform


Most likely a stolen credit card was used, as I don’t see why they would dispute it, if they were happy with it.


The buyer claimed to the Paypal that it was stolen and used by other people. This happened to me few times.


You should contact the buyer and let them know that you was not paid. If they are good person, they will pay you back.


Likely, the buyer used paypal to scam (by disputing charges) - after he got his delivered order.
It is calculated, and a way to get a freebie. When buyer’s dispute paypal changes after an order is complete, action should be taken.


yes ofcourse fiver should do something about it