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Can anyone tell why I am not getting work?

Please check my profile. Why can’t I work? I canceled one order Since then I have not been able to work 1 month is please tell someone what can I do help me, please.My Profile

You could change some of the wordings in your gig.

eg. in the " I Will Background Remove 200 Photos" gig:

It says “100 images single parson or product images” and “50 images single parson or product images”. A parson is a member of a clergy. Maybe change “parson” to “person”.

Also the main gig image says “sanctification guaranteed”. “sanctification” means to “become holy”. Maybe change to “satisfaction guaranteed” or something.

Also if you still have access to buyer requests and can see some you could still send offers.


If you want people to check out your profile, link to your profile.

Also, there are loads of free programs that offer what you are selling and it takes just a few seconds to do it. I’m not sure why someone would pay for these services if they can do it for free.

Despite this, there are actually a lot of sellers offering these services. As I’ve said probably a hundred times in the forum, if you have a competitive gig and there is low demand for it, you are much less likely to get sales.

Also, you just say you do a task. You don’t give any hint that you do it well.


keep patient and send custom buyer request properly.

Hi there @jyotidey9, did I spell your name correctly, thank god I did :rofl::joy: Firstly, congratz on your first 2 5-star reviews, that’s a great start.

Second, I just checked your gigs, and I’m impressed how great they look. Apart from some spelling mistakes, I think you worked really hard to create such great images. Well done!! :smiley:

However, If I were you I will get rid of…

Super fast delivery . You can’t background remove 200 images within 5 minutes if a client asked you to do so, are you? Nope, you won’t. Get rid of it all!!

I can Assure 100% Satisfaction and Quality work. You cannot promise people 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Don’t promise things you can’t control.

I’m 24/7 online so order me. Do I have to order you or your Gig? Do you ever sleep???

Best of luck!!

Warmly, Humberto