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Can anyone upload any photos for a new gig or is it just me lol


Not sure why its playing up will not let me load photo


I have the same problem. It also won’t let me add tags!


Reply to @kiyasama:

About tags, I tried writing them in the tag box (instead of copy-paste), and that worked for me. Hope ot works for you too :slight_smile:



I had some problems with photos too and I came to the conclusion that if a photo is much similar to one I already uploaded, then is is not accepted. But I will try again and we will see…let’s be patient with technical issues as everything is boiling right no so that we may all enjoy the new Fiverr! :slight_smile:


I need help with this because it doesn’t matter what photo i choose they just dont load. is there something i am doing wrong. I made sure it is the right size and everything


Reply to @lalanakwanchai: my photos won’t load either. what did you do?