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Can anyone who's been around be so nice to have a look at my gig?

Spent a month here now with 5 completed guitarist gigs. I guess i’ve read people with less sales but i just wanted to hear if anyone knew what i should change in my profile to hopefully get more buyers?

My stats are:
1044 impressions
106 clicks
Conversion 1.57% which was at nearly 5% earlier this week…

I feel like i have been doing my best, offering cheap prices and a lot for the money. Can anyone see any ‘holes’ in my gig?
It would be much appreciated.


anyone? feedback of any kind

Check your competitors Gigs and plan accordingly. Remember get an idea of what they are offering and don’t copy. Also check if this niche has demand or not?

Thats a good advice. I changed my gig text now to be more precise:

What can i offer musically? Also, vids below!

  • An open/adaptive approach to the buyer.
  • I feel this is important; If i’m playing a solo or composing songs, i always try to send out 2-3 samples quickly so i know the buyer knows where we are heading. Calming for both parties.

Solid soundcard and logic/garageband/premiere. Master a track weather a 5 or 25 dollar deal.
I am cheap I finish fast. Yesterday, 8 hours, 5 tracks of solid work recording, mastering/mixing different instruments and so on for a 5 dollar deal.


Versatile and clean fills. Compose out of the box progressions
If necessary i give insight in which tone/fx fits better, I always provide seperate clean tracks as well for the buyer to play around with.

Fingerpicking/plucking while utilizing my thumb on the low E string, playing rhythm and lead simultaniously.
Dynamic while also able to drive the song up a knotch with a pick when i feel a tune needs some sharp action.

Grateful Dead, Vulfpeck, Frank Ocean, Pink Floyd, Mark Knopfler, Jimi Hendrix and John Mayer among others have inspired my style.

Hip-hop improv clean delay -

Getting straight to the point, better?