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Can buyer ask for more in revision

if the buyer does a revision are they allowed to ask for more things? lets say I developed a program for the buyer but after delivery the buyer asks a revision for more features for the program? what should I do in this situation?


If you do not offer revisions send your buyer a custom offer for the further work and tell them what they are asking for is not included in your gig.

Do the same if the buyer is requesting you to do something that is not included in your gig. That is if you can provide the asked for service.


Absolutely, but they should pay for it.

You should stick to your Gig’s offer and explain them that those more features are beyond the scope of Gig’s delivery. You will be happy to include more features, but it would mean some days more and some $ more.

Should they be decent Buyer, they would accept the explanation and extra cost/time.


How do I make them pay for it? do I have to create another custom order or can I use the offer more extras button? and for the requested change should I just deliver a message saying its out of the scope of the order?


As first, you should explain Buyer what’s going on (show the facts, out of delivery scope request, etc…) and agree the way how to proceed (extra time, extra cost, extra button …) with their order.

Just talk to them about options over chat and if agreed, go with extra button for example.

EDIT: Of course, this would work if you are able to deliver requested more features only.


Thanks for everyone’s replies, I will try that.


contact fo customer support . It’s the best way

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You need to create your own topic to ask a question.

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it’s literally 6 months old. How do people end up here and decide to ask something? Maybe they post it on a lot of topics to get attention?


I like this opinion. Maybe it will be a wise decision.

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I like this opinion.