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Can buyer cancel order after Delivery accepted?

Hi friends. can anyone please tell me can buyer cancel order after Delivery accepted?



Unfortunately, most times the buyer will be the one favored by Customer Support if you do not accept the request to cancel the order (even if you’ve already delivered the goods/services). It’s unfortunate, but I’ve learned many times that the buyer usually wins any sort of disputes regardless of if they have already received your completion.

It’s much easier to just offer them a mutual cancellation offer, as it will not effect your cancellation rates.



Reply to @sincere18: No i have no problem in fiverr… i was join fiverr in march and my experience is very very well with clients they are most friendly and cooperative… i just want this answer for knowledge…

In regard to my work, I think that they should be 100% satisfied or they should not have to pay. I have not created a mouse trap that catches customers.

They can cancel before the job posts as complete. After it has posted complete you or the customer will have to get CS to do it.

If you are asking CS to do it, make sure that CS can see your willingness to cancel in the communication between you and the customer. It makes CS’s job easier to figure it out.

If you are proactive with your customer, these can be mutual cancellations and won’t affect your account. Always communicate kindly and quickly.

In over 1300 jobs, I have had 11 mutual cancellations that happened after the work was completed.

Reply to @landongrace: Thanks a lot. so its mean if i am right and honest so buyer can’t wrong with me…?

The customer’s always right. Even when they’re wrong!

You will have much more success if you protect the buyer and not protect yourself. There are people that will abuse the system. I just haven’t encountered them here on Fiverr.

In my experience of 1300 jobs, only 11 have asked for a refund after I delivered. I assume they were genuine in their motives. I want them to be happy with the delivery. If they are happy they will come back for more. If they say they are not happy, just to get a refund, they shut down me as a provider for them. I kindly respectfully give the mutual cancellation. It kind of hurts, but I have enough confidence in my product to give that refund.

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yes, they can after a job is delivered ask for a refund. Why are you asking, did you have a problem with that?

This is also a reason why Fiverr waits 14 days to clear funds.

I willingly cancel the order if they are unhappy. I have one every 6 months or so. I think a lot of the time I’m being scammed, but it’s a better option than negative feedback. I have the caveat that I will be using the work that I have done on my own website, so it will not pass copyscape, should they still decide to use my work. Also, it may not be a positive article either. And at least my time hasn’t been completly wasted–I still have content for my site.

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How to do mutual cancellation @landongrace

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You use the resolution center on the order page.

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