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Can buyer cancel the job after the job have been delivered by seller?

This is big question on my head, I’m new on fiverr and have already got some new orders, I’m affraid if buyer is unresponsive, after i finished and delivered the job then buyer canceled the job (he has get free service oh no),
What should i do with it ?

Hello, there is no reason for you to think a buyer cancelled after you deliver an order. This fear is based on nothing.


Yeah even some buyers threaten to post negative review if you dont cancel the order and refund the amount to them… I have already gone through this stage

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Hi, to answer your question, yes the buyer can cancel the order even after the order has been delivered. However from your situation, give it more time to wait for the client’s response, and if the buyer didn’t respond for a long time and your delivery is due, I recommend creating a dispute suggesting that the client is unresponsive.

Okay - lots of unfounded scaremongering on here.

Yes, some buyers may try to get work done for nothing BUT I have never come across a buyer like this, nor have I had work extorted from me with the threat of a negative review.

If there was the slightest chance of something dodgy happening, I approached CS and it was dealt with very swiftly.

Bottom line - the vast majority of users on Fiverr (we all have the ability to be both buyers and sellers) are good people.

Treat others the way you’d like to be treated yourself, and you won’t go far wrong.

Good luck!