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Can Buyer change his review?


I recently complete a order. buyer provide me 3.7 star review by mistake. Now my buyer want to change it.

is there any way to change the review?

Please let me know

Thanks in Advance


No. Reviews are permanent. You cannot change them just because you want a better review. If your buyer left you a 3.7 review, then that is the review you will have to accept.


Besides the fact that you cannot change it, please do not talk with your client about it. There are sellers that have received warning for this. :slight_smile:

Just leave it as it is.


If you love your fiverr account Please please!!! don’t talk about ratings with the client :pray:


no it’s not possible. And don’t try to say your buyers for get about your five star reviews… It will destroy your fiverr account day by day… Thanks