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Can buyer change their website before delivery?

I got an order and had done all requirements. In the mean time he changed something like product and design. Buyer said, “i did best”. and last hours i can’t connect with him.
What should i do now?
Thanks in advance.


@hubxpart just wait he come back I think he is busy

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You made him a site and he changed it?
You need to change the way you do the site, such as doing it for him on your own personal server. There needs to be a way to deliver a site so that it proves you did it and delivered it as you said you would. Others who make sites here have ways of doing that.

I’m not sure how you can fix this but maybe someone who makes sites will help.

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@misscrystal thank you so much for your suggestion.

He just trashed all products and my delivery time is very close but i can not contact with him. As may be he is busy now.
Should i deliver now as i can’t connect him.

Yes you need to deliver before the deadline even if he does not respond. I’m not sure how or what you deliver since it’s a site he trashed. But it’s all you can do. You need to deliver whatever it is you said you would deliver.

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