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Can buyer do custom orders without informing seller?

yesterday night a buyer ordered my gig for 5$…i looked out the order page and i saw that he ordered my gig with gig extra service what i priced on 15$.
(but under that showing pale blue custom order button with 5$)
i message to buyer he did not reply. what can i do for this…now if i cancel the order its really affects for to get level 1…
this is a gig about advertising…so if i do this gig i want pay more than 5$ for advertising…
its a lost for me. if all buyer do like this what happen to sellers income & level? please help me.

Hello ! I guess you should write in your description that for the custom orders,buyers need to contact you first or you will cancel. I don’t think you have to deliver a $15 service for $5 because someone chose not to read. Cancelling is better than wasting precious time.

+1 I agree with Carolyn.

Had to replied to that buyer in Buyers Requests? It’s the only possibility a buyer can get custom offers(including message too). So, if you did, you should have choosed the extras that time without adding their cost to the order cost. I think this is your case.

oh my god…some time yeah it may be the reason.problem fixed…buyer gave me an another order of 15$…thanks for helpful comments.