Can buyer leave review if he is blocked first?


After a delivery with no feedback or any kind of completion, the buyer is blocked by the seller, can the buyer leave a review anymore considering that he was blocked?

We have an abusive client asking for free extra work.

Many thanks!


Why would a seller block a buyer?

The buyer could still leave a review. It has nothing to do with the messaging system.


The buyer can review any post which has not completed


Blocking a buyer can result in the buyer leaving negative feedback!


I requested a watercolor design. I sent the seller a color palette, my logo, picture to show the seller what I was looking for, etc…The seller delivered a picture with the design of a face that looked angry, shoulders bared (no scrubs as requested), the face looked different on the right. Again, I reminded the seller that it lacked the colors I requested, the design of the avatar looked angry, and she was not wearing scrubs nor holding what I requested. She said she will work on it. Then she sent me a picture (week plus later way past the expected day of delivery) that was a closer version of what I wanted but again not wearing scrubs and one eye looked Asian and the other Caucacian. I asked her to please fix one of the eyes and reminded her about the scrubs. Three days later I visite the app to inquire about the progress and the order said “completed” and I was blocked from leaving a review and blocked from chatting with this seller. I feel as a buyer that if we do not get what we want (Fiverr could easily read the conversation between seller and buyer) then we should be able to leave a review and get our money back. Sure I am picky. It is my business’ image I am protecting. She should have said my demands are way over her capacity as an “artist” and refunded me the money. No, instead, she took my money, delivered a drawing my 5th grader nephew could have drawn for me, and prevented me from leaving a review. If this is fair to buyers I won’t be doing business with Fiverr again for I now know the reviews are not accurate. I hope Fiverr returns my money and makes it a point to better protect their buyers from unqualified sellers and allow their voice to ne held. If getting what you order is being classified as abuse then paying and not getting what one orders should be classified as theft.


Contact Customer Support and explain the situation to them.

As far as I know, a seller can’t block you from leaving a review. A buyer can leave a review up to 30 days after the order was marked as complete, so, what you describe sounds like a bug. Or, perhaps, the seller was banned from Fiverr. Have you checked out if their profile still exists on Fiverr? If they were banned, that would explain why it’s impossible to leave a review (and you can contact Customer Support and ask them for refund).


Thank you for your response. I still see her profile but no option to leave a review. Usually in the past as soon as one accepts the order it asks you to leave a review. This time around it says order completed. I have not accepted the order nor downloaded the image. I can not chat with the seller either. I will see what I can do. Hopefully I get refunded.


you can give any feedback rating after refund receive too. If your seller didn’t deliver, what you have been ordered. You can leave feedback as you want. If you have any issue with seller - you have option to contact customer support of fiverr and give all info. they will justice.

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Does the gig you have purchased still exist? Maybe she deleted it?

Orders get automatically completed by the system 3 days after delivery, unless you request modification (by clicking on the Request Modification button).

I hope that Customer Support will solve it for you quickly (you might have to wait a couple of days, though)!


I am sorry to hear about this. We all have unpleasant experiences from time
to time, buyers and sellers as well.

However a seller cannot “take your money”.

*It is Fiverr rules (not sellers)* that if you dont click on the “REQUEST
A REVISION” button within the next 3 days after you received the first
delivery, Fiverr will consider that you accepted the delivery
and it will take your payment.

If you needed a refund, you should have clicked on the “visit the
resolution center” blue button which can be found up in the right corner of
your order page.

This button allows you to officially ask for a refund, BUT only if you
click it BEFORE the order auto-completion.

*If you need a refund AFTER you allow the order to autocomplete itself -
by taking no official action as described above - you should write a
message to fiverr customer support. *

They will decide if you will get a refund or not, depending on what they
will find in your conversation with the seller.

Again, the order auto-completes itself in 3 days counting from the first
delivery, but due to Fiverr policy, not sellers. Thats why it is called

I hope this helps.