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Can buyer make a dispute after two months of delivery


I am surprised by cancellation of two orders that were delivered two months ago…
although the buyer at that time was happy.

How can this happen?


Sounds like PayPal chargeback.

I’m guessing you meant that the buyer made a dispute, not the seller?


They either contacted CS, which I highly doubt, or they made a forced chargeback through their paypal/bank account, in which case their money will be refunded, but their accounts will also be removed by Fiverr (open their Fiverr profile pages, and if they were removed it’s clear that they made a chargeback)

You should contact Customer Support and ask for more information, and they might even assist you in getting the full/partial earnings back :wink:


it is fiverr NOT paypal.
My withdraw through fiverr card… I went to paypal and there are no claims their.


yup. i fixed it. it is the buyer


No - the buyer has made a chargeback through THEIR Paypal account.


If done thru paypal… why fiverr cant stop it…
They simply put it on our shoulders without any prior notice…

Overall The buyer was happy and now decided after 2months to get all his money back worth $84

any help :frowning:


You should be reading this regarding protection against chargebacks :wink:


This is because the transaction is not between you and the buyer, but between Fiverr and the buyer.
You can’t get any information on transactions that are not related to your account.


If buyer open dispute in PayPal fiverr CS cant do anything
But something fiverr CS give 50% compensation