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Can buyer place an order without contacting me?

I was checking my account. and I found a buyer who placed an order to be completed in 24 hours. and he leaves a msg can you do it for me. I see his msg after 2 hours. but I don’t discuss anything with him even I don’t know what he wants me to do.
I try to contact him but he didn’t reply
now time is ticking.
what can I do??

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Yes, a buyer can place order without any discussion, fiverr gives an option that you have all the information to start or not.

how do I activate this option ?

When you go to edit your gigs :arrow_forward: gig requirements section, have you set a mandatory requirement for some kind of file to be uploaded or some kinda text to be entered when a customer places an order?

If so, I’d recommend that you do so. This will necessitate that buyers upload a relevant file while placing an order with you.

And then, in the order page, you will find 2 options… One saying something along the lines of “I have everything I need for the order” and the other saying something like “I do not have all the required information”.

I have never had to select the second option before… So, I don’t really know how it might help you in your situation.

But, yeah… For the future, make sure that you have a mandatory file upload option set in the gig requirements section of editing your gigs. This way, the customers WILL have to upload some kinda file… or write a text (whatever option you choose) while placing their order with you.

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by choosing the option.

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ok thanks I’ll check it again

As of right now, I’d suggest that you wait until 1 or 2 hours before the order is going to complete… And see if the customer gets back to you. If the customer replies, that’s great! You can then explain to him/her that you were unsure of what to do and you can also request for an extension of the delivery time (via the resolution center from the order page) and then find out the details of the order from the customer.

If not… If the buyer doesn’t get back to you even after you only have 2 hours or 1 hour left on the order delivery time, I’d suggest that you cancel the order (once again via the resolution center from the order page). Please bear in mind… Canceling the order will negatively affect your order completion stats even if it is no fault of yours.

You can find the resolution center on the top right-hand side of the order page.

Good luck!

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if order is related with your gig and you can do it but if order is out of your gig work and client say after make an order can you do this work then it is very difficult to handle that

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The only solution then is to cancel the order.

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I can ask for cancellation from (resolution center ) right ? @hanshuber16

Yes. Did you try it?

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