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Can buyer put in place chat/messaging with more sellers at the same time?

A buyer hired me, but also hired another seller for the project. We are delivering different complementary tasks but both in the same project. Is there a way the three of us could chat at the same time?


How do you set up your profile on here

There is a feature collaborate with other seller, may be that will helpful in this situation.

Invite them here to the forum, and start a direct message group? I’m not sure this is permitted, however, so you might want to contact customer service first, and see if they offer a better option.

How can I use it? I cant seem to find that. Is the buyer who can launch this?

I think its against TOS.

I think there is no such feature from seller’s side.

I don’t know how it works but in one of my orders, it was included by the buyer.

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That is the collaboration tool that lets you include comments inside the delivery (video for ex). But still, it is only between one buyer and one seller.

Thank you anyway, I’ll launch a CS ticket.

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Got a reply from CS:

Kindly note that at the moment, Fiverr does not offer the ability to communicate with more than two individuals in the chat at the same time. however, you are free to contact the Seller for the other order and communicate with them if you need to coordinate your work for the mutual Buyer.

Just bear in mind that all communication and file exchanges still need to be done exclusively on Fiverr’s platform.

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