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Can buyer ruin your rating if you win the case through resolution centre?

So I am having a few problems. First of all, I have it clearly mentioned in my gig to share your image with me first before asking for a vector, and I’ll tell you if I can do it. But people seem to keep on ordering right away. That gets me to make a lots of cancellations. I wonder the adverse impact that has on my portfolio.

But more importantly, I have faced this most of the times that customers make unfair demands after I have submitted them the project. Which forces me to offer them a cancellation so their amount is refunded. I do this to save the bad review and rating but my effort and time are wasted.

I have a same case right now, I made 4 vectors for him in one gig but now he’s complaining for me to remake them, even though they are exactly the same so nothing more can be done. Now I’m wondering if he takes it to resolution centre, I know I will be able to prove myself to fiverr… but would that stop him from leaving a bad review? Or would that just mean I get my $4 and he gets to leave a bad review and rating??

A buyer can do whatever he wants because… because it’s like that . Period :slight_smile: end of story. Move on :slight_smile: it’s easy .

You are new here so any kind of bad review you should avoid.

Next thing, always use watermark on your projects. If person is ok with design then just deliver design without watermark. Like that you will prevent to be scammed. They will not use your design for free then, as there is watermark in it.

It is better for now, actually even for future that you cancel orders like that instead of bad reviews.

One question. If I see it right, you have 98% of positive rating because of one 4 stars order?

@creativeartwork … so in order words I should prefer cancellation over resolution centre :(?

@arty, Yes I provide samples sometimes but since my delivery time is short, in order to meet that I have to click deliver. If I send them a sample and wait, then I just don’t get a response in time and then he has the right to cancel. So in order to avoid that, I simply deliver :(.

And yes my 98% is because of one 4 star review. And I have around 20 sales or so, so far in my 28 days on fiverr…

I don’t know . Some buyers are there only to laugh at your 5$ service :slight_smile: Been there,done that :slight_smile: If he leaves a review,you need his consent so that support can remove it. He’ll just make fun of you :wink: Move on,it’s the only way . I learned it the hard way.

Reply to @debrapinckney: That means even 4 stars doesnt count for positive reviews lol. Awesome ARS

Anyway. There will be always buyers like that, wanting more and more for 5$ (read 4). And just buyers who want work for free. Worst thing, you cant do nothing about it. And mostly buyers like that are waiting few days, without any answer and then just they write, please refund.

I hope you will not get anymore buyers like that

sigh, guess I’ll be more careful now. Another cancellation, here I come! All the work down the drain :frowning:

But lol thanks for the advices you guys! I value them!