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Can "Buyer/Seller" dispute hold up revenue..?

Hi…i’m a few orders from Level 2 and i recently had a dissatisfied customer who wanted to cancel gigs after i had done the work and delivered it…customer service is now involved…i have other orders that have cleared the 14 day time and are now listed as revenue, but i cant click the “paypal withdrawal” button to move my revnue, and i have used it before to move revenue to my paypal…is the dispute the reason for the paypal button not working…??? thanks , for any info on the matter…

Hi Puddinsdad!

I’m not so sure for certain but it would make sense that they would freeze your account’s funds for the moment so that you can not take the money and run! (Not suggesting that you would). I would assume this would only last until customer service has resolved the dispute in either your own or the buyers favour.

Good luck on getting your cash soon though!