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Can buyer send review after order auto completed?


Can buyer send review after order auto completed?

one of my client have come after two weeks and his order auto completed. now he is saying that, “I liked your work, I want this logo in black color as well. if you provide me then I will give you a good review.” but the order have auto completed. so can he send review of the auto completed order?



Hm - that’s not how it’s supposed to go really.

Buyers do have 30 days (not sure if it’s after delivery or completion) to leave a review.


of course. buyers can send reviews for the auto completed orders. in this case i think he gonna abuse yourself. if you don’t promise to do that black color logo in that auto-completed order, it should be a new order right. if it is ask him to order your gig again. :slightly_smiling_face:


You should report him to customer support for blackmailing you.


Thanks for info.
well I have provided him the logo in black color through inbox but he did not give me review.
so I thought he was lying, so I was need just info about “auto completed order review” (possible or not) for future work…



That already happen to me. don’t care it and continue your work well. fiverr will give you the chance to become a big one.


People lie all the time. I had one buyer that sent me an 100$, I did the job, then he asked me to cancel the order, since he used the wrong credit card… and he never accepted the new order. And I’ve report back to fiverr, and fiverr did nothing… So yeah we dont have any kind of seller protection. We just need to be sharp.


then what did you do? and did the buyer give you review after auto completed order?


It is very sad. I think in this case, You should not cancel the order until a buyer accept new order.


@farazsiyal 100% possible. I have received few review after auto complete. But they don’t want any extra work from me.
And this time wanted review from Buyer is violation of Fiverr terms and condition.


Yup, I learned the lesson.


Thanks for sharing this information,
It is very helpful.


yes he can, some of my buyers gave me review after auto complete


you are right