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Can buyers accept offers while you're unavailable?

Lately my buyers have been having issues accepting offers while I’m unavailable. This didn’t used to be a problem as far as I know.

I’m overbooked, but still have open orders with about 12 buyers. These orders are active and and in progress, which means I need to be able to send the buyers offers occasionally. But so far there have been issues making payments both on the order page and to an inbox offer.

I even came back into Available mode for 8 hours and the buyer could not accept any offers from me or make a payment.


Yes, which is why you should always share custom offers that expire in a day or two. I had the same issue. Just change the expiry date for your offers, set it to a day or two. This way you have control. If they want to order in a week, they can ask for an offer then.


I think we might be misunderstanding each other - I need my buyer to accept an offer, but they’re unable to make the payment. I’ve only noticed this issue while “unavailable” is toggled on, so I’m wondering if they’re related or if there’s an unrelated issue with fiverr payments right now.

It’s hard to say.

I had around 130 cancellations within 2 months at one point because a lot of people tried to buy from me but they had payment problems. At that time, no one had any other issue. So it might very well be a payment problem.

Yes, there were that many cancellations… Thankfully they didn’t demote me, since it seems the system didn’t take them into consideration. On the other hand, I was removed from search for 2 months, so that really messed things up. Needless to say, I didn’t know people had cancellation problems until someone ended up contacting me and talking about the issue.

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! That’s nuts. That must have been incredibly frustrating.

So far my issue isn’t that huge - I’m just frustrated because a buyer has requested additional work and is unable to process the payment for some reason, and had the same issue a couple weeks ago when I was Unavailable.