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Can Buyers change their review after Reading the Seller's review?

I’ve seen this question on several posts without an answer.

"If you leave a bad review for a buyer who left you a good review, **
** can they change their review to a bad one?"

Before I knew about the blind reviews, I asked CS if I could change a review I left for a Buyer and CS responded that the “change review” feature is no longer available to Sellers.

Buyers also had the ability to change their review. Does anyone know if this function has also been disabled for Buyers?


@mjensen415 Howdy! Do you know? Thanks for your help!


Boy is this an important question! I’ll be following to see what the answer is.


i don’t think so,it can happen… but try may be you find something new

Pretty sure,i have work for a customer who after leaving a modification i attended to him and he left a good review and i also gave him a good review and he later came to my inbox to require another change in his work and when not quickly attended to,he threatened to go and change his good review. which means its very possible.

Hopefully a developer or moderator will be able to shed light on this soon.

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Ya’ll I just want a feedback modification form and the seller being able to leave a review AFTER seeing the buyers why do they make things so difficult :pensive:

If you read this post you will see that reviews are now locked now that we have a new “Blind Review System.”

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That’s supposed to be the case, but we all know how CS can change their minds on a whim. I’ll believe it when I see it (or in this case, hear about it).

From the post that @vickiespencer referred to above:

“Once the sides have provided their feedback, their reviews will be made public and will be locked from further changes.”

So it appears buyers can’t change their reviews either.

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There is no way to edit the feedback! It was possible before blind review system but now if they allow modification blind system review has no value. So, they want us to be honest if buyer leaves 5 star at last but he annoyed us we need to write it LOL and give him 3-4 stars as he annoyed a lot :grinning:

Hi Everybody!

Since a moderator didn’t weigh in, I reached out to CS and Buyers cannot change their rating after seeing the Seller’s rating and review.

Wishing you a great day ahead. And hoping that the blind review test ends soon. I always use the rating to publicly thank the Buyer with a custom response based upon their feedback. This is another great way to deliver outstanding customer service, and allows prospective Buyers to see the Seller’s personality and level of care.

Be well!