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Can buyers download the work even after a cancelation?

I recently had a bad bad buyer who didn’t contact me before or during his order. His requirements were “can you translate this article into French” and that’s it.
I sent him the file and he took nearly two days to answer and when he did it was to dispute the order saying it was “full of grammar errors and with too much of a sophisticated style”. Firstly, grammar was just fine as I double checked it and ran it through grammar checking programs and secondly, he never specified the style so I simply did with my own style while staying true to the words and sense of the original article. I’m afraid he cancelled it after downloading the file, is that possible?


Need to know that too!

Obviously your buyer had to download it before he canceled or else how could he have critiqued it?

You can preview the work but I believe you need to confirm the order in order to download it because of the watermark.

I am a buyer and a seller on Fiverr.

I have downloaded watermarked images and documents before I accepted the orders so that I could evaluate them.

Are you aware that word documents and the like are not watermarked? :thinking: Only image :framed_picture: files are watermarked.