Can Buyers pirate your work then not pay for an order?


I have a hesitant buyer and am getting nervous after delivering my work now and now not receiving any notifications on payment…If I send an audio sample of some reworking I did of loops for a client and they just listen and confirm they like the work, what is stopping them from just taking an aux out cable and recording the delivery I sent them without being having to download the paid hq audio file I sent? or even less than that, cant they just take their phone/laptop to their performance, play the delivery in their mailbox and then call it a day without ever paying? or does fiverr watermark the audio in some way so that cant happen? I would watermark my files first but fiverr says not to send samples as deliveries so I did not. any help here? im sure its a simple answer to an obvious question but im having trouble finding the answers online


Your first sale? :wink: If you have actually delivered (and not sent the file as an attachment to a message) and the buyer doesn’t actively accept it, Fiverr will do it for you both after three days.

But other than that, audio files aren’t protected, I’m afraid. Here’s a somewhat recent thread on the topic:


Thanks. First sale yea, maybe had one over a year ago but have just came back to try and be more active on this site. I think I may have found my answer elsewhere I just from my own buying ecperience in the past. Correct me if I am wrong, once the buyer appects the custom order request they have to pay fiverr right? so my money is already in fiverrs hands once I start the work and I am just waiting for them to verify work is completed and transfer funds to my account? or does the buyer not have to pay until I deliver the order, I forget. if that’s the case then I wouldn’t worry too much going forward, if not Id think I should start watermarking the audio files then sending the full masters once payment is cleared.
thanks again