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Can Buyers place an order, collect the job and cancel it?

Usually, when I do a job a client tells me what they want and sometimes what they don’t want.
But I’ve had this client who placed an order, I asked for direction for the animation I was to do. He did not respond. So I tried to give him my best, in a direction that I felt was good. He then claimed he didn’t like the result, that I should give him another “impressive delivery”. I asked him again, he was silent. So I raised a dispute asking for him to extend the delivery time and answer my question. He immediately asked me to cancel the order.
I’m wondering, can buyers download you’re delivery and cancel or can they make you do extra work in the name of modifying the job, so they can acquire multiple versions of the job?


Yes, they can if you accept to cancel!
In your gig you write that you offer revisions. So, tell him that you are happy to offer him 1, 2 or 4 revisions in order to meet his requirements. Tell him politely that you didn’t have enough information from him and that you need more details from him to make the revisions.

Do not forget what is written in TOS:
Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.

Your buyer could ask a cancellation to CS. Some sellers have said on this forum that CS sometimes accept cancellation with “no valid reason”. If you want to protect yourself, send a message NOW to CS with the number of the order + copy of your message and ask them if the buyer is allowed to cancel. Remind them that you did exactly what is written on your gig description. That means that you didn’t make any fault!
CS will tell you to discuss with the buyer and won’t tell you much more than that. But at least, you are the first who contact them and they have your version and the copy of the disussion if the buyer tries to ask a cancellation to CS.


Based on my interactions with buyers, I think you can’t access the source file unless you close the order. At least, I’ve received a good amount of complaints of it being impossible to download while the order is still active. So I sure hope that’s the case.

The main (basic) file is downloadable and I don’t think you can watermark half of the formats. So it’s basically a freebie in case of cancellation.

I’ve seen sellers adding “After canceling the order you don’t have author’s permission to use the files” or something of the sort. Won’t be effective with everyone but can discourage some percentage of them from using your work for free.

Thanks for the advice but I’ve managed to maintain my cool. I’ve told him he has the options to revise the job all he needs to do is tell me what is wrong with it. He refuses, the only thing he can say is the order is not worth the price I charged. But he placed the order. I’m confused.

Ok thanks for your input.

Yes, he can and a seller can’t stop it! If you don’t agree to cancel, there are chances that the buyer gets it cancelled by contacting CS.
The best way to protect your work from being used for FREE is to add watermark and remove it once the buyer is fully happy and ready to mark the order as completed.

Doing that is against the ToS - you’ve got to deliver the final work without your own watermark.


Thanks for the info. I protect my source files with password. I apply watermark on first draft when the order isn’t placed.


But in the case of videos doesn’t Fiverr add watermarks to the preview and whatever version the buyer sees?


Yes they do, which is why it’s unnecessary for the seller to add their own watermark as well. :slightly_smiling_face: