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Can Buyers Please Be a Bit More Realistic About the Budget When Posting a Demanding Request?


Whenever I take a look at the buyer requests I see most buyers request crazily time-consuming and demanding jobs that require a lot of custom design from scratch and hours of work (not to mention years of experience) done for $5, in 24 hours! Do you honestly believe someone who studied graphics for years will actually accept to create a professional explainer / promotion video for you for $5? Or do you honestly expect to get a copyright-free & high quality work for $5? No one, even not a new buyer who needs positive reviews and ratings, will ever do that kind of job for $5. All you will get for such a request is generic offers that have nothing to do with what you need, resulting in only a waste of your time.

Please, be realistic about your request and budget if you want right sellers to be interested in working with you and delivering a quality product.

Buyers that want to buy the universe for $10 and say "Keep the change!"

Well put. I have also seen such crazy requests


I’ve seen someone post a request that was for >£55 where they wanted a 7 day delivery for it (and it seemed quite a lot of work). Some days later, the exact same request is listed by someone else for a budget of $5 and they want it done in 24 hours and it says it’s “easy” in the request (edit: actually “very simple work” but other requests have put things like “easy”).


@uk1000 as if writing “easy” in the description makes it easy…


I see comparable things regularly, or even get inboxed with such 2nd hand (3rd hand? :wink: ) requests I saw on BR and didn´t send an offer to because it was ridiculous even with a higher budget and more time. Some people don´t even bother with (or aren´t even able to?) rewriting which makes the whole inquiry look very “off”.

Dear buyers, if you need a job done that a human needs to do - for many jobs, it´s quite easy to get an at least vague idea of the time actually, realistically, needed to finish the job by googling.
You won´t do yourselves a favour if you ask for something not humanly possible in your stated timeframe - you will only get offers by people who will let machines do your job, you know.
Putting a somewhat realistic timeframe, or no timeframe, if you just don´t know, will help you receive more offers from sellers who actually know what they are selling.


Well, there are plenty of sellers who will do it for $5. It won’t be high quality, but they will do it and a lot of those buyers think they got a great deal.


Buyers already know there won’t be any professional/creative/unique work for 5$ They just try to find some new seller who is willing do have a work for rating/review/rank. However, some time later they request a second or third offer with realistic price and deadline.


Or they won´t do it but cancel, just shortly before the deadline and leave the buyer with an undone job and no time anymore to get it done, as we know from many forum posts.


if sellers keep making offers to these silly requests then buyers will keep asking
sad really


Whenever I get a ridiculous request like this in my inbox, like 2000 words voiceover delivered within 24 hours for 5 USD, I simply ask this person if they would be happy to pay thousands of dollars for equipment only to work for 1 dollar an hour. Usually they get the point.


agreed!!! some buyers actually demand to bring them moon with all stars for $5…


I believe most buyers just use the $5 as a placeholder since it is the minimum as they are not sure about what the work will cost. In those cases I just send an offer with my price, its left for them to accept or decline. Unless the buyer has stated that $5 is their maximum budget, otherwise it may just be a placeholder


Someone recently asked me to illustrate 40 drawings with colors for 5$.

I just answered : ‘What is your budget for this?’

No answer.


This may be true for a few, but I do see lots of requests with “- - -” for a budget, so it´s obviously possible to post without stating a budget, and “- - -” would seem the more sensible choice for a placeholder. :slight_smile:

Of course they can do as they wish, but the more realistic the BR, the broader the choice of sellers who will reply most probably, which I think OP was getting at with the right sellers and quality product, and probably the higher the level of satisfaction of buyers with sellers and Fiverr.

If I´d post a BR and wasn´t sure if the work I´m asking for should cost $5 or $50, I´d rather put “- - -” and see what the sellers say in their offers, instead of putting $5 and only or mostly receiving offers by sellers who’ll (say they) do it for $5. If it really should cost a minimum of $50 to get decent quality, there´s a good chance that a lot of sellers who would have sent an offer with a " - - -" budget, won´t send one if the BR states “$5” - some may not want to waste their and the buyers’ time, I´d even actually see it as kind of spamming from my part if I sent an offer to someone who puts a $5 budget with anything higher than, say $10.

(no critique of the freedom of choice of setting a $5 budget, just a thing buyers may want to consider)


As someone who is just starting to post Buyer’s Requests, I set a budget of between $20 - $30 an hour for work, based on how long I estimate it would take. I think that’s reasonable, and if I like the work, I will also tip.


i ignore all the $5 requests.


There was a suggestion yesterday that BR should have a minimum of $25 which makes a lot of sense.
In addition to that, I would love it if BRs could only be submitted by “Top Rated Buyers” - meaning people who have at least bought a couple of times on the site before. This would also stop pretty much all the seller posts that happen as well as mean that requests were from people who had SOME concept of the price things should be.


Well, my main gig still starts at $5, and some things are okay to do for $5, so I can´t say I´d categorically ignore all $5 requests, but usually, they are unrealistic, so, yeah, not quite, but kind of.


I personally ignore all $5 requests, too. Asking to get a product that would take me days to complete is outrageous in my opinion and I do not waste a second of my time responding to such requests. And I am pretty sure all they get in their inboxes is irrelevant offers with a template message.


I had one customer who wasn’t happy with his previous seller(artist). Being nosey I asked if I could see what they had done.

It was such a bad drawing. Really, really bad. I didn’t comment on it because everyone starts somewhere and I am sure the artist will improve with time.