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Can buyers remove extras or modify order?


I’m just curious since buyers can add extras to an existing order, is it possible to remove them too??.. I have been in situations where some buyers miss calculated or paid more than they’re supposed to. But I’m not sure if this option is available. I hate to cancel orders for someone’s mistake.


Unless it’s a lot of extra payment, I don’t usually mention it. There are plenty of buyers that slightly underpay me, so I figure it works out in the end. If it is more than, say, $10 extra, I’ll offer to give that buyer a credit or something like that toward another order. I’ve done that a few times and the buyer is always happy to have that. There are ways to get around this without canceling the order, but no, I don’t think you can delete extras paid for. Just go above and beyond with excellent service and feel good about it. Our rates here are the best anyway.



I don’t think that’s possible because that would mean they would get back their money, or a part of their money(the removed extra value) and a refund is possible only when the gig is canceled.

I don’t know for a fact, it’s just an opinion. So if anybody else has more knowledge on this subject…

There are though people who pay that bit more without any notice just as a little incentive(I usually try to over deliver in these cases)


Reply to @writerlisaz: Sounds like a great idea! Thank you, I’ll do it in the future! I do get slightly underpaid too, but I ignore it if it’s like $15+ order.