Can buyers see delivery times?


I just a had a buyer that placed an order two days ago, ask to cancel an order because I was taking too long to deliver. My gigs mostly have twenty day delivery times. He did not pay for, nor asked for expedited delivery. Seriously…can buyers not even see the delivery times? Is the text just too small? The “Order Now” button too large and green?

I sent him what was perhaps not the most professional message about how it would benefit both him and any future sellers he orders from if he would look and see what the delivery time is BEFORE he orders, rather than just making assumptions. I even went so far as to say that it was unfair for him to expect two day delivery on a gig that clearly states I have twenty days to deliver.

GARRRR. Rant over. I know they can see the delivery times. It just amazes me how people will place orders without even reading the gig page to see how long it would take. This happens all the time!


Feel a little better now?



Reply to @celticmoon: I do! Haha


Good! Another successful rant! ~lol~