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Can buyers still leave feedback after 30 days?

I read a thread here on this forum that buyers couldn’t leave a feedback after the order was completed for 30 days but is that still true? because I just received a 3,5/4 star rating after 29 days, So I don’t really know if that is implemented or not.

Reply to @madmoo:

So they did implement that in the new update if I understand correctly?

Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

Hi there everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that buyers are still able to give you a (negative) rating although Fiverr claimed that is isn’t possible anymore after 30 days.

I just received a negative rating after 4 months!!! and the buyer did not even communicate with me. This makes me really mad and the fact that it’s still possible after 4 months!

Will send this to Fiverr Support and let them know what is going on, I am really really upset about this whole thing and wanted to share this terrible experience with you all.

You should definitely contact CS.

Previously I got negative reviews after 2-3 months, Now frequent buyers complain that they need to post positive reviews but the are not allowed to post… :smiley: Anyway it is good idea to have specific time period to place reviews.

I contacted support and they will reply very soon, I will let you all know

I contacted Fiverr Support and they told me that there is a limit of 30 days after the order is marked as complete where buyers and sellers can give a rating. This means it is already implemented in the new updates.