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Can buyers tip you and how, and can a buyer change their rating? They made a mis


So my buyer loves what I did and says they want to tip me, but they also accidentally rated me 1 star. Can they change that to 5 stars still and how do they tip me? They’re asking me and I have no idea and I’m wondering if I should just start a custom order for the tip and deliver the same thing?



tell them to contact support to change the ratings after that they can tip you…


I think that they can just go back in and change the rating.


CS can change your rating.
The ability to tip usually comes after rating you.

Some people even create a Tip Gig just so people could tip you.
Up to you.


Yes, they can change the rating within 3 days or may be 14 days of order delivery, without even contacting the CS…


I understood the Fiverr update email that I received within the past 7 days was saying that Ratings could only be changed by contacting Customer Support. Did I misunderstand ?

I had a Buyer, new to Fiverr, accidentally open 2 gigs at the same time, and I hadn’t noticed because we were conversing on only one of them, so when the Buyer gave me a 5-Star and Tip on the one gig, Fiverr automatically gave me a 1 star on the other that neither the Buyer nor myself realised was even there. That was several months ago, and my rating from that one 1-star left on that gig continues to have a negative impact on the “Ratings”, despite receiving multiple 5-star ratings since. (I had opened a Help ticket, explained the situation, they even read what the Buyer said (that they didn’t give the 1-star rating), but said there was nothing that could be done, that it would “go away” after 60 days. We’re now going onto 90 days, and it’s still there. I haven’t had the time to “reopen” the help ticket (if that is even possible), but I should and will.


UPDATE: My buyer is saying that on an older browser, they could only see one star, saying Fiverr doesn’t seem to be compatible with older browsers.

I ended up having a new gig just for the tip, and I’m still waiting on changing the review. I did contact CS and they were very quick about answering though so kudos to them. But there doesn’t seem to be anything they can do directly.


I made a tip gig - just so if you need an example to look at :slight_smile:


There is a new update on system. Buyers can not change their reviews after complete order. I am also a buyer. May be contacting CS will help.


I have one too. But never got a chance to use it yet !!