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Can Change Review My Buyer?


My Buyer want to change Her review. How can it possible?


You send her a modification request to have her change her review. She only has 1 attempt to change the review.


Hey I don’t Find This modification request Option, can You suggest me.


How old has the order been marked complete for? It has to be recent
I believe after 30 days you are unable to modify your review.


about 7 days ago.

Just Now Buyer want to change.


I think customer support is the only way now.


Go to order page, on the top right you will see ‘Visit the resolution centre’, click that. In there you will get the option ‘I have an issue with the feedback I received from the buyer’. Click and submit that and the buyer will then be able to modify his/her feedback.

But do keep in mind that it is against fiverr’s TOS to manipulate buyers to change their feedback and you may get a warning for it. However, if there is a valid reason, such as you provided revisions to the client after the review and the client now got satisfied, then there is no issue in getting the feedback revised.


No brother
But you ask your customer to change her review

and the buyer are checked the review first


@shirazyasin is right do as he said :slight_smile:


Buyers Have no right to change their review after they submit it. Customer support can’t help you change that as well.

Once it’s done it’s done :frowning:


If the buyer and seller mutually decide to change the review, then the seller can allow the review to be modified through the resolution center.


I didn’t know that. i had a situation like this before so we reached
the support for help. but they said they it’s against the Tos. Thank


Yes, that is why I said the following as well;