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Can coders be trusted?


I had a few projects committed on fiverr for select projects, but I noticed with the people I worked with, some of them copied code from open source projects and some left their own e-mails in for input without notifying me for a database. I’m not a master coder myself, but I grow a little hesitant every time I see something like this within a business. Anyone have issues like this as well? The coders I chose all had nearly a perfect score too, but are people that oblivious to bad code or cheaply written code taken off from elsewhere? I worry about the malicious intents as well.


Code can’t be completely unique! Modern programs are like jigsaw puzzles with every piece being made by a different programmer (libraries, modules, frameworks, algorithms all the followed revisions). It is absolutely predictable that many parts of your final program will be simply copied from somewhere else! And that is not a big problem, far more important is how they are going to fit together, work together to perform the necessary functionality.

It also depends on the “context” how big is the copied portion of code and what it does in your project compared to where it was taken from. Plus the license under which the donor-source code was published.

Like taking few functions to speed up development process is not a big deal (those can be updated later). But simply replacing the logo and about-form on some opensource and recompiling it as your own is sort of crime.


99% of my code is original.

The 1% extra will be from any frameworks/libraries I use.


I always write my own code.